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M.A.D是中美韩潮流衍生的街舞连锁品牌,导师均来自国内外知名的街舞团队并通过独家训练,拥有零基础到进阶系统教学模式。我们教学舞种包 KPOP,CPOP,HIP-HOP, JAZZ FUNK, POPPING, LOCKING 等。

M.A.D is a dance community platform that offers qualified pop dance training for amateur dancers and beginners.

Classes include Hiphop,Jazz Funk,K-pop,Cpop, Heels, and Waacking.

M.A.D aims to create a platform that helps dancers to find a sense of belonging and explore the greatest potential to fulfill people's passion for Dancing.


M.A.D was founded in 2017, and is the first professional Chinese street dance studio in Southern California, and is known as the gathering place for Chinese street dance enthusiasts in Southern California. The new Irvine store was established in 2019


导师均来自国内外知名的街舞团队及工作室,包括世界冠军团队GRV, 知名街舞工作室红房子Millennium, Snowglobe舞团, Studio X, D80, 1 Million, Prime.D, ACS等。多次举办广受好评的大师课程,曾邀请到众多知名导师包括鹿晗,张艺兴编舞师胡博文,K/DA Pop Star编舞师元老级别的Ellen Kim, GRV明星导师Brittnie Aguilar,SM御用编舞师Bada Lee,Lisa御用练习生导师Cheshir Ha等等。

Our instructors are from well-known street dance teams and studios at home and abroad, including world champion team GRV, well-known street dance studio Red House Millennium, Snowglobe Dance Company, Studio X, D80, 1 Million, Prime.D, ACS, etc. He has held many critically acclaimed master lesson and invited many famous instructors including Luhan and Zhang Yixing choreographer Hu Bowen, K/DA Pop Star choreographer Ellen Kim, GRV star instructor Brittnie Aguilar, SM royal choreographer Bada Lee, Lisa's royal trainee instructor Cheshir Ha and etc.


有且不仅限于:SM Entertainment,YG Entertainmen,Pledis Entertainment,Hybe Entertainment,Yuehua Entertainment,Aiqiyi Entertaiment,Kakao Entertainment etc

旗下有知名艺人,Aespa,王一博,NCT,Red Velvet,少女时代,EXO,New Jeans,Le SSerafim,G-idle,韩庚等。


We have a long history of working with various Korean and Chinese companies to deliver talent internally.

There are and not limited to: SM Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, Hybe Entertainment, Yuehua Entertainment, Iqiyi Entertainment, Kakao Entertainment etc.

We have famous artists such as Aespa, Wang Yibo, NCT, Red Velvet, Girls' Generation, EXO, New Jeans, Le SSerafim, G-idle, Han Geng, etc.

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