M.A.D 集团致力于发展街舞教育事业

是加州最专业的华人街舞工作室,致力于带领所有零基础或者希望提高自己的街舞专业素养,学习 Hiphop, Jazzfunk, K-pop, Urban, Poppin, Heels, Waacking等等 


位于尔湾的M.A.D Dance&Music 增加了音乐培训板块,内有DJ,吉他,架子鼓,键盘,编曲,演唱等等

The M.A.D Dance&Music Irvine is committed to the development of music and hip-hop education. The Irvine store has added music training section. It includes DJs, guitars, drums, pianos, arrangers, vocals, etc. It is the most professional Chinese Dance&Music Studio in Irvine. It is friendly to all the beginners, learning hip-hop, jazz, K-pop, Urban, Poppin, high heels, Wacking, etc. M.A.D has a experienced teachers, long-term commitment to the fusion of Chinese and American hip-hop trend culture.

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17855 Sky Park Circle,Building 17,Suite C&D,Irvine 92620

Call 9496901718


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