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America Chinese
Street Dance Association

初衷:中美街舞文化发展交流协会作为非营利组织,旨在拓展和维护“华人街舞”的环境和生态,发扬街舞积极精神,促进中美文化碰撞交流,为华人街舞爱好者提供广阔舞台。依靠专业与创意, 整合资源,广开渠道;凭借喜爱与热诚,彰显文化,利惠各方。协会立足华人群体,全心全意为群众服务,脚踏实地发展华人街舞社区。联合多方街舞行业从业者,助力梦想与 商业的结合,扶持创意与产业的发展,增长文化与价值的自信。


As a non-profit organization, the Association aims to expand and maintain the environment and ecology of "Chinese street dance", promote the positive spirit of street dance, facilitate the cultural collision and exchange between China and the United States, and provide a broad stage for Chinese street dance enthusiasts. With professionalism and creativity, the association integrates resources and opens up channels; with love and enthusiasm, the association manifests culture and benefits all parties. The association is based on the Chinese community, serving the public wholeheartedly and developing the Chinese street dance community. The association unites multiple street dance industry practitioners to help combine dreams and business, support the development of creativity and industry, and grow the confidence of culture and value.

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     协会合作关系包括美国华人总商会,美国飞虎队,美国华侨组织,计划助力策划和举办 了大量活动。协会同时还是中美街舞战略合作联盟的一员,其成员包括中国舞蹈家协会美国分会,北京街舞联盟。

对接中国舞蹈家协会授权的在美考级点,拥有海量线下场 地/人员/赞助/合作/宣传资源,建立了高效,稳定,长期的合作平台; 形成了有影响力, 有含金量,有多方支持背景的宣传矩阵。




 The association's partnerships include the Chinese American Chamber of Commerce, SDU, and Chinese organizations in the United States, and has helped plan and organize numerous events. The Association is also a member of the China-US Street Dance Strategic Alliance, which includes the China Dance Association USA and the Beijing Street Dance Alliance.

We have established an efficient, stable, and long-term cooperation platform with a large number of offline venues/personnel/sponsorship/cooperation/publicity resources, and have formed an influential, golden, and multi-supporting publicity matrix.


     We sincerely welcome every partner to come and share resources, build ecology, raise culture and forge success with us.

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